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U.S. to assist Nigeria with $200m to address climate change

by Business News Report

The President Biden led administration in the United States of Americans agreed to assist Nigeria with a $200 million aid to kick start the process on Clean Energy Demand Initiative in a bid to help address climate change in the country. The U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate, Mr John Kerry gave the commitment when his team paid a courtesy visit to the Minister of Environment, Mr Mohammed Abdullahi, in Abuja. Kerry, who also signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the minister on the initiative, said the programme started in Glasgow.

According to him, the initiative is a way by which companies and countries can make decisions to implement buying or production of green products. “The initiative is also to accelerate the marketplace creation, so that it will help transition programme faster and help to achieve a clean energy economy as well as dealing with climate crisis. The minister has agreed in the letter of intent. We have 200 million dollars at the moment committed to the startup in the process of safety,” he said. Kerry said the initiative would take a lot of billions of dollars and trillions of investment in the country. ”We talked today about the ways in which we can be helpful to bring major amount of capital to the table with technology to help Nigeria, move faster to the clean energy economy.

“That is the future and all of the citizens of Nigeria will benefit from cleaner air,” he said. He said that the programme would provide job opportunities and develop economic as well as promoting a healthy environment in the country. “I will like to explore with you and listen to you to think through how we can work together as you implement your own climate change. As you also think about the long term future and sustainability for Nigeria for the Africa, we will like to explore with you on how we can increase the ambition that you have set out already in your Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC). I congratulate you. Nigeria is taking a lead towards COP 27 and it is an opportunity to reduce emissions and deal with the climate crisis.

“So, on that note, the initiative is a very important effort to try to send a signal to the marketplace and to bring your businesses to the table. We are going to work together. I’ve got a good team here. We are all working on this programme every day, trying to figure out the road ahead and I look forward to hearing your thoughts about that,” he said. The minister said the MoU would help Nigeria to participate in the clean energy demand initiative being supported by the U.S. government. He said the essence of the initiative was to ensure a healthy and clean energy accessible in the country. He thanked the U.S. Government for the support and commitment in ensuring that environmental crisis is tackled in the country. Abdullahi said that the ministry was also committed to strongly work with the U.S Government for effective implementation of environmental programmes and achieve net zero in the country.

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