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Suspended private airlines to receive licenses soon

by Business News Report

Private Airlines which had their operating licences suspended by the Buhari administration may soon have cause to smile.
This is because their case is receiving the attention of the federal government. The Republic investigation show that the ministry of transport and aviation has already sent proposal to the council of ministers for a review of suspended licences.
According to informed ministry of transport sources the increased number of air passenger fare which the Nigeria Airways cannot cope with require a review of the suspended licences so they can operate unscheduled flights.

Already investigations have been concluded to unravel the circumstances which led to their suspension.
The Republic however granted that each case will be treated on its own merit. Certain conditions are to be fulfilled by the operators of the private airlines.
These include among others, the satisfactory financial capability of the proposed airline, adequate staffing and maintenance of equipment.
So far, there are 5 odd private airlines operating in the country. The oldest being Aero-Contractors. Others are Okada, Kabo Gas, Hamza and Inter Continental.

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