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Uneasy calm pervades

by Business News Report

An uneasy calm now pervades the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, working environment as staffers are poised for a show down with management over delay in their promotion.
According to CBN sources a good number of the bank’s staffers have served in one grade position for upwards of eight years without any hope of advancement.
The sources said that for the past five years, some of their bank’s staffers who qualify for promotion have not been promoted. This, the sources said was quite unusual of CBN where staffers are moved to the next grade level after two years in the grade level.
This the sources said is as provided by the mic-sion report of 1978 which stipulates CBN staffer should move to the next grade level after two years.
This the sources complained has been abandoned in recent years. As a result of non promotion of staffers of the Central Bank for upward of five years most have become disillusioned. A top official of the bank disclosed that a good number of good hands and reliables have left the service of the bank for commercial and merchant banks, a situation the source said ought not to be.

Also the sources said the situation has demoralised staffers of the bank and is party responsible for the high incident of fraud and non commitment to job.
The CBN sources further said that as a result of the low level of morale in the bank, there is at present no job satisfaction in the bank.
Senior management staff of the bank agreed that there has been no promotion in the bank for quite some time now. This sources explained is as a result of the embargo that was placed on recruitment and promotion by the management of the bank. The management sources agreed that the situation n CBN makes it uncompetitive with commercial and merchant bank.
The management sources however expressed hope that with the new structure of the bank things will improve.
According to the source, promotion is expected to be based on productivity unlike in the past when mass promotion was the case.

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