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TEXEM UK avails Nigerians, global leaders of survival tactics

by Business News Report

British firm, TEXEM UK is availing leaders from Nigeria and other parts of the world organisational survival tactics in the present volatile global economy during its executive leadership programmes in 2023. According to a press statement on TEXEM’s website, the virtual programmes are titled, Self-awareness for better management of change in uncertain times; and Strategic leadership for enduring impact during volatile periods. The statement signed by TEXEM’s Director of Special Projects, Caroline Lucas announced that while the first programme is from Feb. 8 to March 4, the second one is from April 15 to May 6. It says optimising self-awareness and impact, managing office politics for success, communicating effectively and managing difficult conversations, are tools business leaders need during uncertain times.

The statement highlighted that, getting the best out of the team, coaching for success, introduction to strategies, implementing and translating strategies, and developing an innovative culture in a team are also important topics to be discussed. “More than ever, deliberate efforts to be better aware of the latest trends to ensure successful business management is now vital for all organisations. Contrary to the popular opinion that innovation is only essential for growth, it is also a vaccine against losses that come with pandemics. At this time and even beyond, retooling your business to sail through the turbulent times through creative ideas could be a defining approach to outperforming your rivals, achieving profitable growth and succeeding,” it asserted. The statement disclosed that the programme “Self – awareness for better management of change in uncertain times” is an interactive learning experience that is tailored for mid-career managers.

 “Leveraging TEXEM’s tested and proven methodology, participants will learn practical skills and actionable insights from the faculties and gain valuable insights from their professional exchange with critical partners and colleagues. This programme aims to help develop leadership agility for innovation and sustainable success. Its focus is to help the participants develop a clearer understanding of how to successfully drive innovation for sustainable success,” it explained. Renowned TEXEM faculties expected to deliver the programmes include; Prof. Paul Griffith, John Peters, Ambassador Charles Crawford, and Ambassador Rachel Aron. On the Strategic Leadership for Enduring Impact During Volatile Periods programme, faculties to deliver are Prof. Roger Delves, Prof. Paul Griffith, Prof. Randall Peterson and Ambassador Charles Crawford.

The topics to be discussed include, Strategic Leadership: Overcoming Hurdles, Managing Politics, Engaging and Inspiring Change among individuals, teams, and organisations in times of very scarce resources. Others are, Leading during high-stakes strategic change, Change and decision-making for strategic outcomes, Leading the politics of change: engaging internal and external stakeholders; and Understanding and harnessing the levers and inhibitors of growth for value creation. “As a leader, attending this programme will make you versatile and strong in volatile periods so that taking the best decisions for your team and organisational survival will come easy for you. Among the benefits derivable are, ability to take tough decisions in tough times, increasing your ability and that of your organisation to survive against all odds, and ability to become a dependable risk taker when others are baulking during emergency periods. It will empower you to become a better manager during difficult situations, enable you to carry along employees easily due to their confidence in your decisions, and arm you with the qualities of an all-round leader,” the statement affirmed. (NAN) 

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