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SON, other stakeholders okay Dangote 3X cement

by Business News Report

Standards Organization of Nigeria has approved Dangote 3X latest brand of Portland cement, saying it meets requirements for constructing residential and commercial homes.

Lagos State Bricklayers Association and the Association of Housing Corporations of Nigeria (AHCN) have also endorsed the product which comes in 50kg bags and marked 42.5R. The three X stand for extra strength, extra life and extra yield.
These are what representatives of the trio organizations said separately about the product during the pre-media launch in Lagos.
“SON has certified the product for having met the requirements of 42.5R,” said Mr. Onipade Adeoye. With this new product we will collaborate with Dangote to make sure the product is used by our members’ pan-Nigeria,” said Toye Eniola, spokesperson for AHCN. Similarly, Abel Olusegun, President of the Bricklayers Association Lagos, said: “We are happy for the introduction of the new product and we are going to use.”

Devakumar Edwin, the Group Managing Director of Dangote Cement Plc, disclosed that the product is the first among three new cement products the company will be introducing into the market over the next five months.
On the difference between the 42.5R and the regular cement, he explained: “The advantages of the 42.5R grade of cement over the 32.5 grade are that it gives a finer finish to the concrete work. When mixed, the 42.5 grade has fewer air-pockets and therefore adheres better and has a longer life. Also, because of its higher strength characteristics 42.5 grade cement gives higher yield than 32.5, to users in situations where strength is not a crucial factor,” he said.

The Honorary Adviser to the Chief Executive / President of Dangote Group, Engr Joseph Makoju, said the cement industry which produced less than two million metric tons of cement in 2002, has moved from self sufficiency to become a net exporter of the product.
Noting that the industry has moved from a sellers’ market to a buyers’ market, Makoju said manufacturers must now go the extra mile to meet customers’ demands for higher grade of cement products.

Oare Ojeikre, Group Chief Marketing Officer, said the product was designed in response to industry stakeholders’ clamour for a stronger grade of cement to stem the rising occurrence of collapsed buildings in the country due to the use of the lower 32.5R grade of cement in block molding and other aspects of building constructions. He also noted that with the recently established Nigerian Mortgage Refinancing Company, there will be need for more cement usage in the country as the country is having 17 million shortages of housing units.

Engr. Ahmed Mansur, Executive Director, Stakeholder Management & Corporate Communications, noted that as the market leader, the company has the responsibility to always look at the market, anticipate customers need and innovate new products to satisfy consumers.

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