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Radisson to build a 172-room hotel in Benin

by Business News Report

Radisson Hotels, an international hotel chain headquartered in the United States, has concluded plans to build a 172-room hotel in Benin City. State Governor said this in Benin City, the Edo State capital, stating that the state government will sustain efforts to make the state more conducive for business and attract investment, urging the collaboration of the private sector and other stakeholders. The governor said,We have continued to prioritise reforms at improving the business and economic environment of the state. We have restored law and order and removed hoodlums from the streets of Benin, ensuring that people can freely do their business without fear of intimidation, harassment, or extortion.

“We are building infrastructure, particularly roads to open up more areas to economic activities and ensuring that we create a sense of stability in the social space. We have improved security and extension of business hours with an active nightlife.” He further said, “These among other reforms have guaranteed the influx of people and investments into the state. We have closed down with Radisson and should be having a 172 hotel in Benin. Hopefully, we should have it ready in another 12 months.”

Obaseki further noted, “We are encouraging more people to come here and do business, while we focus and organise our key areas of attractiveness. As a transport hub, we are putting our transport master plan together, building parks and other infrastructure to organise transportation better. We are rethinking agriculture, focusing on estate farms. “In terms of human capacity, we have been very big on getting our young people trained, focusing on skills, particularly in the area of technology to support emerging businesses.”

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