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Port of Liverpool completes weighbridge construction to beat IMO deadline

by Business News Report

At a time when Nigeria is still undecided on how to handle the Verified Gross Mass, VGM regulations of the International Maritime Organisation, IMO, the Port of Liverpool has finished the construction of a weighbridge in time for the new SOLAS regulations on container weighing which will take effect on 1 July.
The multi-lane, in-process capability involved considerable work to install multiple dynamic axle weighbridges at the terminal AutoGates. It is linked with the terminal operating system and is able to automatically provide a verified gross mass (VGM) record for the container.
Similar arrangements will soon be in place at Peel Ports’ other container terminals in Dublin and Greenock (Glasgow).
The Port Director, David Huck, said, “While ports have no obligation under the regulations we have chosen to invest significantly in a solution to support the entire Logistics community, which will help to reduce costs, risks and delays for our customers. The investment we are making in the infrastructure is a further sign of our commitment to providing an industry-leading service.”
The new system will require all HGV vehicles carrying containers into the terminal to register a Mass in Running Order (MIRO) prior to arriving at the terminal.

Any laden containers that enter the container terminal without a VGM, or have a declared VGM that is outside of the guidance tolerance, will have one electronically generated.
At the in-gate the vehicle will pass slowly over the weighbridge where the system will determine the exact weights and therefore the total gross weight of the vehicle.
The declared MIRO will then be applied to determine the VGM of the laden export container.
The VGM will be updated at in-gate to the Port Community System.

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