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Petrol dealers under check

by Business News Report

The monitoring unit of The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC, inspectorate division has stepped p efforts to arrest fraudulent practices in filling stations throughout the country.
A schedule of the unit indicates that it is currently working in Lagos by paying unscheduled visits to filling stations. The unit is expected to visit Oyo, Kwara and Bendel states after completing its inspection of the Lagos zone.
Sources close to the inspectorate division disclosed that as a result of increasing incidence of dealers manipulating of petrol meters with the sole intention to cheat motorist necessitated the setting up of the monitoring unit.
An investigation conducted by The Republic confirm the fears that some unscrupulous petrol dealers have adjusted their meters in such a way that it move faster than usual thereby giving less petrol but more money than it shows in reading. This way, the unsuspecting motorists are ripped off their money unjustly.
In some cases our investigation further showed that some of these dealers divert petrol meant for their filling stations to road side dealers who sell in jerry cans, gallons and bottles at inflated price.

The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC, inspectorate division has advised Nigerians to cooperate with its monitoring unit to stem this dubious practice in some filling stations. This they can do by promptly giving the unit tip off and information on suspected dealers. The corporation imposes heavy sanction on detected cheat dealers.
The corporation inspectorate monitoring unit has a device for checking petrol pumps and meters installed in filling stations. When operated the device indicates whether or not the petrol pump meter is functioning properly.
Some pump meter experts who spoke to The Republic on the issue said it was quite possible for cheats to manipulate the meter to give false figures and still make it appear normal to the unsuspecting customers. This they said is made people considering the fact that most motorist in Nigeria hardly cross check meter readings properly before making their payments.

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