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Ijaw nation urges Diri to address issues of OML46 to clear confusion

by Business News Report

Ijaw Elders Forum, IEF,  and other Ijaw socio-political groups have called on the Governor of Bayelsa State, Senator Douye Diri, to brief the people of the state on the controversial circumstances surrounding the revocation and relocation of the state primed asset, the Atala Oil Field( OML-46). The demand of Ijaw elders  in collaboration with other groups which include, the Ijaw Professionals Association, IPA, Ijaw Nation Forum, Embasara Foundation, and Ijaw Women Connect, IWC, was contained in a letter addressed to Diri, titled: “Allegation of Revocation and Re-allocation of Bayelsa State Atala Oil Field/OML-46 to a private company: Call for urgent action and public briefing by the Governor of Bayelsa State.”

The letter was signed by Efriye Bribena, Secretary, Ijaw Elders Forum, Ben Okoro, Moderator, Ijaw Nation Forum, Chief Amagbe Kentebe, BoT Chairman Embasara Foundation, Hon Iniruo Wills, President, Ijaw Professionals Association, IPA (Homeland chapter), Mr. Elaye Otrofanowei, IPA, Lagos, and Mrs Rosemary John-Oduone, President Ijaw Women Connect (IWC). According to the groups, the people of the state and stakeholders have been looking forward to a definite statement from the governor on the state of affairs and the prospects of the state recovering this valuable asset for the overall benefits of the people.

“We refer to the recent spate of publications in both the conventional and social media containing shocking allegations and counter allegations of a scheme to dispossess the Bayelsa State government and its people a primed asset, the Atala Oil Field located in OML-46, and immediately vesting it in certain private persons under highly suspicious circumstances. The reports also alleged that the beneficiary owners are well placed indigenes of Bayelsa State who have held or/are still holding top positions of public trust in order to secure private gain.

“We attached to this letter copies of some of the publications and exchanges on the topic. We the undersigned therefore, in the spirit of public accountability call on Your Excellency to meet the expectations of all well meaning Bayelsans by taking the following actions; make a public statement on the matter to clear all doubts and confusion, institute a competent public inquiry to unravel the whole truth on the matter and make public its findings and recommendations, take any other appropriate legal action, including sanctions where deserving, and appoint a competent board and management for the Bayelsa Oil Company Limited (BOCL) that can effectively drive it operations and in particular pursue the recovery of this prized public asset,” the groups stated.

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