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Gov. Inuwa proposes ₦207.7bn budget for 2024

by Business News Report

In an effort to continue providing for the developmental needs of the people of Gombe State in the 2024 fiscal year, Gombe Governor, Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya proposed a budget of sum of N207,750,200,000.00 only. This budget is made up of N87,250,200,000.00 for recurrent expenditure representing 42%, and N120,500,000,000.00 for capital expenditure, representing 58% of the total budgeted sum. The Governor who  presented 2024 budget proposal tagged “Budget of Continuity and Consolidation,”  said it was in line with his administration’s desire to build on the first term achievements and consolidate on past gains and to improve the living standards of the people despite the fact that the budget, is coming at a time of great uncertainties and challenges, both locally and globally.  Presenting the budget on Monday, the Governor said the 2024 budget is crafted with a keen understanding of local, national and global economic realities in order to develop and implement policies and programs that are strategic, forward-looking and people-oriented. 

Reviewing the 2023 Budget Implementation which the  Governor stated followed the  sum of N176,552,952,000.00  that was approved which  was made up of N76,552,952,000.00 as recurrent expenditures and N99,463,952,000.00 as capital expenditures, representing 42.6% and 57.4% of the approved budget respectively. He emphasised that the  2023 budget was expected to be financed by an estimated recurrent revenue of N90,717,450,000, a capital receipt of N101,864,498,000.00, and a closing balance of N2,401,248,000.00 but during the year under review, the budget was reviewed to N168,382,222,000.00 through a supplementary budget which was submitted to the House for approval. He added that the  recurrent revenue performance as of 30th September 2023 stood at N77,379,132,012.87 representing 85.30% of the recurrent revenue projections while the  recurrent expenditure performance was N49,193,068,017.81 for the same period representing 64.26% of the recurrent expenditure budget as well as the  sum of N51,648,534,427.05 was generated as capital receipts, representing a performance of 50.7% of the projected capital receipts. “For the capital budget, the sum of N51,841,667,209.70 was expended on capital projects and programs as of 30th September 2023 representing 52.12% of the capital expenditure budget, Overall budget performance stood at N101,034,735,227.51 as of 30th September 2023, representing 57.4.%. The detailed sectoral performances are contained in the budget performance report submitted together with the 2024 budget proposal”.

The 2024 proposed sectoral allocation budget according to Governor are as follows: (i) Recurrent Revenue Receipts: These are expected to be sourced as follows: a) Internally Generated Revenue – N22,307,745,500.00

b) Statutory Allocation     – N42,000,000,000.00

c) Government share of VAT     – N30,000,000,000.00

d) Other FAAC receipts     – N27,604,200,000.00

(ii) Recurrent Expenditure: comprises of the following:

a) Personnel Cost                       – N28,102,745,000.00

b) Overhead Cost                        – N29,368,255,000.00

c) Social benefits                        – N 7,055,500,000.00 

d) Debt repayments                    – N22,425,000,000.00

e) Grants and subsidies             – N298,700,000.00

(iii) Capital Receipts: This is expected to be accrued from:

a) Opening Balance             – N10,000,000,000.00

b) Transfer from Consolidated  Revenue Fund                  –  N44,661,745,000.00

 c) Other Capital Receipts    –   N8,000,000,000.00

  d) Domestic Grants              – N 5,000,000,000.00

  e)  External Grants                – N 7,500,000,000.00

  f)  External Credit                 – N23,750,000,000.00

g) Domestic borrowings      –     N50,000,000,000.00

iv. Capital Expenditure:  To implement our expenditure plan for the 2024 fiscal year, sectoral allocations are broadly categorized under the following sectors: 

a) Economic Sector               – N89,581,200,000.00

b) Social Sector                      – N23,612,500,000.00

c) General Administration     – N 4,879,500,000.00

d) Law and Justice                 – N 2,426,800,000.00

The Governor said he envisaged to generate the sum of N121,911,945,500.00 only as recurrent revenues, and the sum of N138,911,745,500.00 only as capital receipts while the estimated closing balance for 2023 is expected to be N18,411,745,500.00 only.

He catalogued  his achievements sectoral by sectoral of his  first term by undertaken  the rehabilitation of the 7.5km monstrous gully erosion traversing GSU through Mallam Inna with the help of NEWMAP, while following up with the recently signed a 21km FCE (T) gully erosion control through partnership with ACReSAL. In view of these, the sum of N18,365,600,000.00 only is allocated for Water Resources, Environment and Forest Resources sub-sector. Science, Technology and Innovation, the Governor his administration took deliberate actions towards the integration of Science, Technology and Innovation in its development process.

” This informed the preparation of the State ICT policy, organizing Science Technology, Innovation, Agriculture and Minerals Expo, training of innovators and entrepreneurs, revitalizing the Gombe Technology Incubation Centers, as well as our successful participation in National and International Science, Technology and Innovation competitions and Expos. To consolidate on these gains, the sum of N169,100,000.00 only is allocated to this sub-sector in the 2024 fiscal year”.

In Education, his  administration constructed and renovated about 1440 classrooms across the state, upgraded 5 legacy schools to Mega-school standard, employed 1000 teachers, as well as the mopped up of over 400,000 out-of-school children through BESDA, adding that,” these and many other initiatives led to improvement in number of our students passing GSCE exams from 31% in 2019 to 78% in 2022. Our administration’s objectives for the education sector are to improve educational infrastructure, enhance access to learning, provide instructional material, and invest in skills development and capacity building for our teachers and teeming youth. To achieve these efforts, the sum of N8,103,800,500.00 only is allocated for investment in the education sector in 2024″.

In Higher Education, his  administration’s efforts to ensure the growth and development of the tertiary institutions – Gombe State University, College of Education, Billiri; State Polytechnic, Bajoga; College of Education and Legal Studies Nafada; College of Nursing and Midwifery; as well as the College of Health Technology Kaltungo, “we set up visitation panels so as to conduct a comprehensive assessment of their needs and challenges. These panels have since submitted their reports and the government is studying these reports so as to take necessary actions. In order to boost higher education, the sum of N5,768,000,000.00 only is allocated for investment in the 2024 fiscal year.”.

“Our commitment towards revitalizing the health sector has recorded huge successes. During our first term, we ensured the provision of one fully functional Primary Healthcare Centre in each of the 114 wards of the State, the upgraded of the State Specialist Hospital in Gombe, and enrolled over 35,000 poor and vulnerable into our Go-Health scheme. We are currently constructing a new General Hospital in Kumo, as well as undertaking massive renovation of the General Hospitals in Bajoga and Kaltungo among many other accomplishments. We are also constructing a 600-student capacity School of Nursing and Midwifery in order to address manpower shortage in our healthcare facilities. In order to improve on these achievements, the sum of N5,953,200,500.00 only is earmarked for the health sector in the 2024 fiscal year”.

Youth and Sports Development,  since the assumption of office, they affirmed their resolve to stem the tide of youth restiveness and unemployment, harness the vast potentials of the youths and re-direct their energies towards productive activities, adding that they embarked on policies and programs that are aimed at creating job opportunities and building the skills of  the youth. 

“These include the YESSO/3G program, the At-Risk Children Project (ARC-P), Gombe State Traffic and Environmental Corps (GOSTEC), the Keke Riders Scheme, the Gombe GO-CARES program, among numerous other programs. To further achieve these objectives, the sum of N2,460,000,000.00 only is allocated for youth and sports sub-sector in the 2024 fiscal year.”.

“Our administration implemented far reaching policies towards women empowerment and deepening social protection. These initiatives include free skills acquisition, increasing participation of women in governance, promotion of Girl-child Education, and the launch of the state Social Protection Policy. To improve on these modest achievements, the sum of One Billion, Nine Hundred and Twenty-Two Million, Five Hundred Thousand Naira N1,197,500,000.00 only is provided in the 2024 budget”.

He pointed out that with the establishment of the Local Government Planning Bureau and the Joint Project Development Agency during his first term, they have been able to put the local government areas on the path of financial prudence and responsive governance while his administration recognizes the relevance of local governments in strengthening social cohesion, peace building, and the preservation of law and order, they  shall continue with these and other people-oriented initiatives in the year 2024 and the sum of N130,000,000.00 only is earmarked for the Local Government and Community Development sector in the 2024 fiscal year.

The  creation of the ministry of internal security and ethical orientation during their first term in office highlights their unwavering commitment to the security of lives and property of our people and through such initiatives, they provided the required support to law enforcement agencies to enable them deliver their statutory mandates, engage local stakeholders in enhancing peace-building, and strengthen conflict resolution mechanisms at the local level while other  initiatives included the setting up of Peace and Reconciliation Committees and the convening of the first-ever Gombe State Security and Peace Summit. For the 2024 fiscal year, the sum of N550,000,000.00 only is allocated for the continued delivery of these services.

The role of information in the development process cannot be overemphasized hence they  are committed to engaging  the people across different platforms in order to create awareness and collect valuable feedbacks and insights on various policies and programs and they also committed to protecting and preserving the cherished cultural heritage, while instilling ethical values in the youths. In this vein, the sum of N805,000,000.00 only is allocated for the information and culture subsector in the 2024 fiscal year.

 The development of a competent, efficient and result-driven civil service is one of the cardinal objectives of Inuwa – led  administration and with the establishment of the Bureau of Public Service Reforms, they have provided the institutional framework to achieving these objectives. Through prompt payment of salaries, settlement of backlogs of pensions and gratuities, capacity building for the civil servants, award of 10,000-naira wage allowance following the removal of fuel subsidy,  which they have demonstrated their commitment to the welfare and wellbeing of the civil servants, hence  the sum of N3,879,500,000.00 only is earmarked for the 2024 fiscal year. Inuwa administration is keen to preserve judicial autonomy, facilitate the proper functioning of the judiciary, and ensure harmonious working relationship among the three arms of government, stressing that the administration will continue to strengthen the operations of the Law and Justice sector, with the sum of N2,426,800,000.00 only provided in the 2024 budget.

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