Google trains 3 million Nigerians, P&G to open new multi-million dollar plant in Nigeria

Google said it has trained five million Africans out of which 3 millions are Nigerians. Speaking on behalf of the Google delegation, Mr Doron Avni, the firm’s Government Affairs and Public Policy Director said “We had made a pledge to train 10 million people in Africa by 2022, I am happy to report to you that so far we have trained more than 5 million people.  Most important is the fact that out of those 5 million, 3 million are Nigerians. With the collaboration that we have with the Ministry of Education, we have now integrated some of Google’s curriculum on online safety into the school’s curriculum. So, we will be reaching 56 million students in Nigeria this year.”

According to him, “Obviously, we have an excellent partner here who has been doing God’s work, it is thanks to leading partners like him that we are able to be helpful in communities in which we operate. He said that the company’s target of training up to 10 million people in Africa by 2022 was realisable. 

Earlier in the day, Prof. Osinbajo while speaking to a delegation from Procter & Gamble led by its President for Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa, Mr Suran Magesvaran, said the initiatives of the Buhari administration in the past four years would boost local industries and make them more competitive on the African continent. The Vice President said “We are concerned about making sure that our industries are competitive by fixing power and other infrastructure. We are looking at port operations, trying to connect the port to the Lagos-Kano rail line.” On his part, Mr Magesvaran announced the company’s plans to set up a new multi-million dollar plant in Nigeria as part of its new investments in Africa.

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