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Global Shea Alliance partners U S to launch annual conference,  Shea 2024

by Business News Report

United States government, in partnership with the Global Shea Alliance (GSA), the non-profit industry association with a mission to promote sustainability, quality practices and standards for shea in food and cosmetics, has held its annual conference in Abuja. According to U S mission in Nigeria “this year’s theme ‘Bridging the Gap’ is centred on closing the divide between the visionary goals of the shea industry and the urgent need for practical action.  Nigeria boasts the largest population of shea trees and shea collectors, positioning the country as a potential hub for production, processing, and innovation in the food and cosmetics industries across West Africa.  As the shea sector experiences significant growth, today’s conference serves as an opportunity to address challenges that limit market expansion, supply stability, resource management, climate adaptation, financing, women’s economic empowerment and more.

“Over 10 years ago the Global Shea Alliance began with a set of structures built to advance women in the industry and we have come a long way by improving our processes with input from shea beneficiaries,” saidMamatou Djaffo, President of the Global Shea Alliance. “At Shea 2024, we will be targeting discussion on park land management, resource conservation, women’s economic empowerment, youth involvement, digitalisation strategies and effective trade policies to further unearth potential in the shea value chain.” The conference will bring together key stakeholders from across the shea industry to: Identify Barriers are examine the challenges and barriers that hinder the industry’s progress toward sustainability, including insufficient investment, new market opportunities, weak policy frameworks and social inequalities.

“Showcase examples of initiatives and projects that have successfully bridged the gap between the industry’s vision and present reality, emphasising lessons learned and best practices and Promote Collaboration Foster partnerships among governments, NGOs, businesses and local communities to align efforts and resources towards a common goal of sustainability. The three-day day event is expected to attract over 500 participants and will feature presentations from industry professionals on the above themes. On behalf of the United States government, U.S. Chargé d’Affaires David Greene remarked, “The United States government is proud to support the Global Shea Alliance through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). USAID recently invested more than $8 million under its Sustainable Shea Initiative to support the shea industry in seven West African countries, including Nigeria. This investment stems from our recognition of the industry’s potential to bolster the economic landscape and advance women’s economic empowerment.”

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