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First Bank customers in traveller cheque dilemma

by Business News Report

Some customers of First Bank who have not been able to purchase their travellers cheques from the bank’s various branches across the country have cried out.
In Benin, over a hundred such customers who could not purchase travellers cheques said they wer told some time last month that the bank could not obtain travellers cheuques from Thomas-Cook, the sole agent selling travellers cheque in Britain.
They further said that ever since, they have been making repeated calls at their branch but were always told that Thomas Cook has withdrawn its travellers cheque.
Last Friday, some businessmen based in Lagos made similar complaints. They said that First Bank’s branch at Ikeja has been telling them for a month that they have no travellers cheques and would not help them acquire their Basic Traveller Allowance.
As a result of this problem, many customers of First Bank who wanted to purchase their basic travelling allowance have had to wait.

When however, The Republic called at First Bank International Banking Division, Marina, it was learnt that the bank had some problems with Thomas Cook over travellers cheques. As a result the bank actually suspended the sale of Thomas Cook Traveller cheques. A source which confirmed the story said that the problem has been resolved and that First Bank has since resumed the sale of traverllers cheques.
The source did not say the nature of the problem. It was further gathered that those branches still faced with the problem are those who probably have not been in touch with head office to collect their allocated travellers cheques. The source regretted that inconvenience such stoppage might have caused the bank’s numerous customers.
It further advised customers that Thomas Cook’s travellers cheques are available in First Bank and should insist that their branch make same available to them.
The Republic was shown Thomas Cook’s travellers cheque in pound sterling that were purchased by customers.

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