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Essays on Economic Questions and Answers for O/L, A/L, JAMB and AIB candidates

by Business News Report

Essays on Economics questions and answers is essentially a text written for students preparing for Ordinary and Advanced levels of the West African Examination Council, WAEC, and the Institute of Bankers examination, AIB.
The book is written in simple and easily understandable language. It is less technical in presentation but highly illustrated with graphs and local examples for easy comprehension by the reader.
Dr. Odozi examines in a question and answer series topical issues in micro and macro-economics. The answers serve as models for students to learn how best to tackle questions on the technical subject of economics and stand in the way of success of most Institute of Bankers candidates.
The questions tackled most ably in the book are relevant economic happenings of our time. Phenomenon such as consumer sovereignty that seems a false to producers those days is relevant today especially in the context of the present reality of a buyers market that we have today.
The present deregulation of the economy conforms with Odozi’s free market enterprises the merit and demerit of which the examined so clearly and illustrated with the much talked about Adam’s Smith invisible hand.

The book discuss in concise terms perfect and imperfect markets, the concept of the multiplier money and banking, international trade, balance of payments and mankind economic nightmare of the time the debt burden of third world countries. Taxation and public finance are not without mention in the book.
The 173 pages text goes far beyond the ordinary questions and answers series common in the Nigeria book industry.
The book present answers to questions analytically. No doubt, Dr. Odozi’s years of association with students as a teacher of economics stand him in a good stead to write answers to economic question so ably.

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