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Criteria for Award

by Business News Report

By Omoh Gabriel, Business Editor
This award goes to the bank deemed to have concluded its consolidation with minimal hitches. The criteria that would be used to arrive at the decision would be
1. Seamless consolidation
a. Personnel integration without rancour
b. Building/ equipment rationalisation

c. IT integration
d. Post consolidation result
e Integration shareholding
2 Most socially responsible
This award would be won by the bank with the most outstanding corporate social responsibility programs. The criteria to be used includes
a. Improving environment of doing business
b. Impact on neighbours
c. Landscaping(beautification of environment)
d. Road construction
e. Charity donation- Health, Sponsorship, etc

3 The criteria to be used for Most Improved bank are
a. Improved banking environment (Halls)
b. Products development for service delivery
c. Customer Convenience
d. Accessibility of officers to customer

4 For Export Financing the criteria
a. Length of export financing
b. Programme for export development
c. Volume of financed export
d. Value
e. Reparation of proceeds/ size of domiciliary A/C

5 For Bank of the Decade the criteria are
a. Efficiency in service delivery
b. Growth in size (1) branches (2) balance sheet
c. Loans and advances , gross earning/ profits
d. Low level of bad debt
e. Staff strength

6 Banker of the decade criteria includes:
a. Selfless services to banking industry
b. Products engineered
c. Compliance with regulatory authorities
d. Innovation introduced into the industry
d. General acceptance colleagues
e. Pacesetting in service delivery

7 . Most profitable bank of the decade criteria are
a. Consistency in return on investment
b. Profit margins
c. Bonus shares
d. Price appreciation over time

8. Most Customer Friendly bank
a. Positive attitude of staffers to customers in all banks
b. Ease of banking transaction
d. Handling of public/ customer complaints, speed of settling dispute
e. Customer help centres/help desk
f Availability of information on help desk to the public

9 for SMEs Financing the criteria includes
a. Number financed
b. Volume
c. Number in existence
d. Employment generated through such SMEs
e. Spread of the financing

10. Education
a. Funding level
b. Endowment
c. Visible programme on education
d. Training of teachers/ school renovations
e Scholarship schemes
11. Network of branches
a. Number of branches
b. Rural branches
c. Urban branches
d. Spread of branches around the country
e. Average number of branches set up in a year

File award August 16, 2006

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