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CBN staffers go to the polls

by Business News Report

The Central Bank staffers will on February 18, go to the polls to elect members of the Joint Consultative Committee, the Central Bank equivalent of a labour union. The staffers will be voting to elect 15 members of their body to represent their interest.
According to the CBN sources returning officers for the February elections are to be nominated by various heads of department in the banks area that own their constituencies. The sources further disclosed that the Central Bank staffers have been grouped into 15 constituencies from which one representative of the 8,000 odd workers – strong CBN workers will be represented.
According to sources section II subsection I of the trade union decree no 31 of 1973 set up the Senior and Junior Staff Consultative Committee for purpose of communication, consultation with management of CBN in matters of mutual interest. The decree provides that all such elections should hold annually. According to CBN sources all confirmed senior staffers of the bank are eligible to vote and be voted for.

Some of the constituencies for the election include, banking operations, foreign operation, banking supervision, currency operation, and trade and exchange control. Others are administration and accounts branches, agricultural financing.
Meanwhile, staffers of the Central Bank are now engaged n campaigns for those they feel will represent their interest well.

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