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CBN retrenches 25 note counters

by Business News Report

Last Thursday’s retrenchment of 25 note counters by the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, from its currency operation department is causing some ripples among staffers of the bank.
Official sources close to CBN disclosed to The Republic that when new notes counting machines were bought sometime this year, the female staffers involved were redeployed to other departments. The reassigned staffers the source said were doing quite well before they were asked to go last Thursday.
The source further said that the senior officers in the department where the female note counters were redeployed were not consulted before they were axed. We did not complain that these staffers were not giving useful services in the department the source added.
Another source at CBN said that the way the exercise was carried out leaves much to be desired. It was discriminatory, it was a matter of favourism,
Some of these retrenched workers had put to 10 years service wit the CBN. Others had serve for between 5 – 8 years.

According to the CBN sources only those who have put up to 10 years and above in service ar entitled full benefits. Others will ne paid their 3 months salaries in lieu of notice.
Another source however said it was likely they would be recalled.
Meanwhile, the junior workers are speculating on why the joint consultative committee that was expected to meet this month to review their fringe benefit has not met. They said such committee in the commercial banks have met.
A staffer said that the junior workers had threatened to go on strike and would still do so if the CBN failed to review their fringe benefits.
When The Republic called at the management and staff service office, their was no official who was ready to comment.

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