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CBN fire 120

by Business News Report

Central Bank of Nigeria has sacked 120 staffers including a number of senior officials. Those affected by the purge, including assistant directors, senior managers, supervisors, clerks and cleaners.
The purge, which was effected last Friday, came in the wake of CBN’s house-keeping exercise.
CBN sources told The Republic that all CBN staffers who got themselves involved in the malpractice or the other, have had to be dismissed. Financial sources said staffers dismissed last Friday were among those who had appealed before the CBN disciplinary committee.
The alleged malpractices including foreign exchange deals, theft, absenteeism and other professional abuses.
The Republilc learnt that the standing order in the banking industry is that once a bank staff get dismissed or forced to resign, no other bank should get his services. According to sources close to the bankers committee, all those involved in fraud of ay kind will have their names kept n a data bank where reference will always be made in case of application to other banks. Those staffers dismissed now cannot be employed in any other bank in the country if the banker’s committee rules are applied.

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