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CBN clerk on the run over N3.4m fraud

by Business News Report

A senior clerk with the treasury department of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) who colluded with four others to defraud the bank of N3.4 million is now on the run while his accomplices have been arrested, a CBN source has disclosed.
The senior clerk (name withheld) was said to have escaped when his bid to get rich overnight was foiled by an assistant manager who grew suspicious of the cheuque which had been cleared for payment at the banking hall.
The assistant manager had referred the cheque to the senior manager to ascertain it he actually endorsed it for payment.
But the senior manager said he never set his eyes on the said cheques. The senior clerk only wanted to manipulate things to ger the cheque through.
According to the source, four men last Friday came into the bank premises with a cheque. Two of the men, the source said, preented the cheque to the Treasury Senior Clerk, an insider and accemplice, who took it to the banking hall for reference of signature and subsequent clearance.

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