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CBN board rejects proposal

by Business News Report

The board of directors of the Central Bank of Nigeria has rejected the bank’s management proposal to establish a public relations department of the apex bank The Republic has learnt.
Sources said that the management had proposed the setting up of a public relations department to handle the press need and those of the general public.
In rejecting the proposal, a director of CBN it was gathered had argued that the CBN needs no such department as it sells no commodity to the public.
The director also said that since CBN has monopoly in government banking and control over all other banks, it has no need for such a department. The CBN board, the source further revealed said that the apex bank needs no image maker as whatever anyone or group says about it has no serious implication on the corporate image of the bank.
Senior management staffers The Republic learnt disagreed with the board as the bank seriously needs such a department. But there is nothing they can do without th approval of the board. Lots of people who both working journalists and researchers seeking information at CBN have no where for the first time. They roam the bank premises until they get fed up and give up their quest. Sometimes they are shabbily treated by the security men of the bank.

Observers contend that it is rather sad that CBN which is supposed to be the nation’s information anchor institution is the most difficult place to get information from.
Meanwhile CBN staffer are not happy at the lack of understanding on the part of the board on the need for such a vital department.
The CBN is its nearly 30 years of existence as a corporate body has no unit to take care of public inquiries, give necessary and adequate information on the bank.

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