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Buhari says Africa can survive economic challenges with home-grown innovations

by Business News Report

President Muhammadu Buhari says African countries survive the current economic and financial challenges with home-grown innovations. The president said this while declaring open the annual Assembly of Governors of the Association of African Central Banks held in Abuja. According to him, prescriptions from the West tagged: “fit for all purposes” will not solve Africa’s economic and financial challenges.

“I am confident that you will come up with practical ways by which we can chart a way forward for the growth and development of Africa. The region is confronted with several global and domestic economic challenges. Most worrisome is the slowdown in growth; weakening global demand; rising inflation; restrictions in capital flows; rising debt levels; increased exchange rate volatility and depleting external reserves. Those of us who rely on only natural resources such as Nigeria, Angola, South Africa, and Mozambique have been hit the hardest.

“Furthermore, China, a major trade and business partner to a number of African countries is currently slowing down as it remodels its economy, sparking fears of further weakening. I urge you to continue to look for original home-grown solutions, not to rely on “fit for all purposes” prescriptions handed down from abroad. The world is a dynamic place and with innovation, we can survive.’’

Buhari noted that the Central Bank of Nigeria had for many years spearheaded economic stimulus measures through specific intervention programmes. He maintained that these measures should be sustained at all costs, while urging the participants to strike a balance between monetary and fiscal policy measures. He said, “monetary policy alone is not sufficient to bring about desired economic growth.’’

Buhari reiterated his administration’s determination to diversify the economy so as to surmount the challenges facing the country. “Consequently, we are taking measures and implementing policies that would ensure we are self-sufficient, generate massive employment for millions of our youth, and explore our untapped human and natural resources. We shall also embark on export and production diversification steps including investment in infrastructure; promotion of manufacturing through agro-based industries and expansion of Regional Trade. All these would involve integrating the informal economy into the mainstream and providing funds to Small and Medium Enterprises.

“We shall also continue, with greater determination and focus to pursue our goal of ensuring improved security for our country and its citizens, and without letting up on our fight against corruption and terrorism.’’


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