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BTAAG is to promote agril – Amburry

by Business News Report

The British Tropical Africa Advisory Group on Africa’s Harvest (agricultural promotion) has said that its aim is to promote agricultural expertise, business, investment and management technique in Africa. This fact, was made known in London by the chairman of Africa’s Harvest Mr. Christopher Ambury.
A release from British High Commission in Lagos said that the Africa Harvest is the latest British government’s campaign to be held by its Tropical Africa Advisory Group countries south of the Sahara and north of the Liverpool river.
According to Mr. Ambury’s mini mission will take place this month in East, West and Southern Africa as part of the campaign with each one represented by two members of Tropical Africa Advisory, TAAG.
Explaining, Ambury said that TAAG comprise a group of businessmen who work closely with the British Overseas Trade Board and who believe that it is essential to help and encourage the growth of agricultural development and thus the increased production of food.

Some members of the group made up of John Steven, consultant and chief executive of international agricultural at Knight, Frank and Ruutley with Peter Biddle Combe, will be in Nigeria at the weekend.
It hoped that the mission members will meet parastatal representatives, minister of agricultural their aids the banking sector, the commercial farming sector and minsters of transport and commerce to discuss how best to achieve Africa’s Harvest’s main objective Рthat of Agricultural self sufficiency.
The group will sample opinion from a cross section of the society in order to have an insight int the problems mitigating against self sufficiency in agricultural as well as management expertise.
The TAAG members will offer farming techniques and ways of improving roads so that maize and wheat can easily be taken for sale so that in the wet seasons fertilisers can be transported to places of need.
According to Amburry, products to be promoted include machinery, agrochemicals, veterinary goods and fertilisers Continuing, Amburry said we can provide anything from seeds to the wherewithal for building a grain silo. Adding that TAAG will also explore the African countries own initiatives to improve institutions and infrastructure.
After the missions have been completed, 5,000 copies of in-dept reports for each region will be circulated in Britain to those who can supply services or products such as manufacturers, management consultants, and the chemical industry.

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