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Block chain: Civic group to empower Women with startup’s

by Business News Report

Leveraging on the use of technology to boost economic growth, A Civic Non-governmental Organisation, Do Take Action, on Tuesday, has said it will empower Women with small and medium enterprise in Nigeria, to enable them scale through recession. CEO and Co-founder, Do Take Action, Precious Ebere, said this while addressing business women in a programme hosted by Do Take Action in partnership with Impact Market, on Tuesday in Abuja. Do take action is a Civic startup, that inspires people in Nigeria and across Africa to take Action on key issues they care about, from Climate change, to good governance, development, empowerment and key issues they are passionate about.

Ebere stressed on the need to empower  struggling Nigerians, most especially women to navigate the current hardship in the country, she added that the initiative will provide loans for women, most especially in rural areas to create change in for themselves, and for others. She said, “We empower women from the grass root with startup loans, and when they repay those loans, it empowers the next woman.The reason we created that platform, Revolving Access loan facility is to ensure that every business woman who is struggling due to financial insecurities, hit by COVID-19, or climate downtime can still have some support system to thrive which enables them give back to their community.” Ebere said.

Also speaking, Country Ambassador for Impact Market in Nigeria, Kingsley Godwin stressed on the need to empower people while encouraging them to use the Blockchain technology; adding that the loans will be accessed via their wallet. He said, “Impact Market is an empowerment procedure that leverages on block chain technology to provide financial services and product for people in under served communities. One of our programme at impact credit is the micro impact program, through this program we provide loans to small business enterprises in rural communities and of course we have a partnership with do take action, which is set out to empower over 50 women, though we are starting with 30 persons, and then we expect that number to keep growing after this pilot phase.

“The loans provided through Do Take Action and Impact Market will be accessible via a secure digital wallet, enabling women entrepreneurs to efficiently manage their finances and make strategic investments in their businesses. This initiative seeks to support small-scale enterprises, assisting them in acquiring essential equipment, materials, and resources necessary to thrive in the current challenging economic landscape”, Kingsley added. Speaking to one of the Grassroot development Champion, GDC, Do Take Action, Joy Ebere said the main goal of the project is to create change amongst women in rural communities.

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