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Arrested BDC operators accused of financing Boko Haram must be tried in the open

by Business News Report

Senator Ali Ndume, has blunt said that the Federal Government should conduct the trial of arrested Bureau De Change, BDC operators who have been accused of funding members of the Boko Haram, terrorism and among other security issues in the open. Speaking with Journalists in Abuja, Senator Ndume who was reacting to the recent arrest of some BDC operators accused of funding terrorism among other security issues, stressed that the trial must be an open one for the public to be part of it irrespective of how highly placed persons  allegedly involved are, adding that when the BDC operators are arrested now, what will the government do with them against the backdrop that the presidency is already saying their case is confidential. What is confidential about it? According to him, when he was accused of sponsoring Boko Haram insurgents, he was tried publicly for six years in an open court and at the end of the day, he was vindicated.  

It will be recalled that Garba Shehu the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity, had in March said that the Nigerian Government had arrested some Bureau De Change operators who were facilitating the transfer of money to Boko Haram terrorists.

Garba who had said then that some Nigerians transferring money to the sect from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) were working with the BDC operators, said, “Bureaus de change are facilitating money to terrorists. We have already worked with the UAE. Convictions have been achieved of Nigerians who are transferring money to Boko Haram terrorists and this also happens domestically. And I tell you that by the time we finish this investigation, the shocking details will surprise many Nigerians.” Meanwhile several persons have been arrested by security agents in an ongoing nationwide crackdown on suspected financiers and collaborators of Boko Haram. Those arrested are being kept in military and DSS facilities in Abuja and other places.

Ndume who is Chairman, Senate Committee on Army said, “The Presidency said recently that Nigerians would be shocked if it revealed the identities of those who are sponsoring the Boko Haram insurgents. Can you imagine that 400 Bureau De Change operators are the people funding the Boko Haram. When the BDC operators are arrested now, what will the government do with them. The presidency is already saying their case is confidential. What is confidential about it? The presidency should expose the identities of all the BDC operators so far arrested and carry out their trial in public. If any of them is innocent, he should be allowed to go while those found guilty must be made to face the music. When I was wrongly accused,  I was tried publicly and I was vindicated. The trial lasted six years in an open court. If there is any criminal act linked to anybody. No matter how highly placed,  let the evidence be placed before the public, there should be no secret trial. Nowadays,  criminals are arrested and paraded without further action. Nobody knows what happens to the people who killed 11 soldiers in Benue State recently? What happened to those who beheaded policemen in Cross River State? 

“If everyone is doing what he is supposed to do as defined by our constitution and laws, we would not have these problems. Citizens should expose suspicious movements.” When asked on travel advisory by the government of the United States to its citizens planning to travel to Nigeria,  Ndume said, “America has the right to advise its citizens on the issue of security just the same way I won’t advise anybody to travel anyhow within Nigeria. There is no big deal about the American travel advisory to its citizens wishing to come to Nigeria. The truth of the matter is that we are facing security challenges that is more intense than the situation before now especially with the new dimensions in addition to the existing ones. It is a matter of concern. I am of the view that security and welfare of the citizens should remain paramount. We need more personnel in the military and security forces with modern equipments to prosecute the war. All hands must be on deck. Citizens must provide useful information while the security agents should be adequately empowered with modern weapons to enable them to act fast whenever information are provided. 

“I am scared and worried because I don’t have anywhere to run to. Right now I don’t have visa to any country. Nigeria is the only country that I have that is why I am so passionate about my country. I believe so much in this country that is why I don’t travel out for my holidays. I spend all my holidays traveling from one state to another with members of my family. That is why the current security situation is of great concern to me.”

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