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Airlines that violate safety minima will be penalised—NCAA

by Business News Report

Director General NCAA, Captain Musa Nuhu has cautioned airline operators to get the necessary weather information before embarking on any flight operation in Nigeria because of the present hazy weather condition. He said any airline that violates the safety weather minima requirement will be sanctioned. Captain Nuhu said “Obviously, there is going to be delays and cancellations if the weather goes beyond safety limit, which is regulatory in nature, the airline is not to operate and if any airline operates illegally, even if it operate safely, but below the regulatory requirement, we are going to penalise it because that is risking the lives of the passengers.”

“I am sure none of the airlines will do that because they know the risk involved. We are talking about lives of human beings; no matter how desperate I want to get to my destination, I need to be safe and be alive. We have spoken with the airlines and they have responded positively. The pilots are professionals, I am sure they will do the right thing.” However he said that the Asky airline that Maltreated Nigerian passengers at Lome airport, Togo has apologised to the Nigerian authorities. Captain Nuhu said this this in Lagos why reacting to the viral video that showed Nigerian passengers who were on transit in Lome being dragged on the floor by the Togolese airport security officials.

He also said Nigeria has officially lodged a complaint with the Togo government and response is being awaited Captain Nuhu said : ” The security agencies in Togo maltreated some of the Nigerian travellers who were stranded in that country, but before then, they alleged that the travellers entered the restricted areas at the airport. The airline has written us a letter, apologising to us that it will not happen again. So, we are just following up for them to sort things out. We are trying to sort out things. I am still talking with the CAA of Togo. The DG is a good friend of mine. We just lodged in our complaints officially so that the record will be there, but the airline has apologised. Whatever it is, we will be able to resolve it amicably. Our apologies to the Nigerian passengers who were maltreated”, he added .

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