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‘Manufacturers, importers steal clean report finding’

by Business News Report

Some manufacturers and importers in Nigeria have resorted to stealing reputable companies’ clean report investigation has revealed.
According to business sources clean report of findings are issued to companies by inspection agents after such companies have met the import requirements and the goods to be imported duly inspected.
According to Republic investigation a good number of companies have lost quite substantial amounts of money through this unwholesome business practice.
Investigation further showed that the latest victim, Camac Nigeria Limited, has its inspection agent clean report of finding stolen.
The clean report of finding which gave Camac the final approval to bring in goods The Republic gathered is worth about $25,286.69 to N1,691,144.69.

The Clean Report of finding was said to have been issued to Camac Nigeria Limited by one of the three inspection agents Swede Control Intertek on July 28 last year.
According to financial sources the Clean Report of findings was issued on CRF No. 01/1149 on three separate forms ‘M’ No. MA 285373/BA 00351054. They were drawn in favour of Camac Interests Incorporated of the United States.
Each of the three forms ‘M’ is valued at N141,762.23 (N566,968.23). It was further gathered that monetary authorities have expressed concern over the new wave of business malpractices in the country.
According to financial sources, Camac Nigeria Limited, has already notified the Central Bank of Nigeria of the theft.

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